Dringoth in Grahtwood improves Tam’s mood

8 Heartfire 2E583


I was wandering Grahtwood aimlessly trying clear to the cold that had hit me overnight when I ran across a skull sitting amongst the towering oaks of the Valenwood.  I was so startled by the talking skull I stopped to listen to the nonstop chatter from Dringoth, the name of the owner of the skull.  Dringoth was quite adamant that I find all of his bones and reassemble his skeleton so that the “wormies” (his nickname for the cult disturbing the dead and stealing bones).  I quickly found all of his missing bones and the reassembled Dringoth quickly became friends with my dog, which I found quite endearing.


As Dringoth and I worked to restore the peaceful slumber of the dead I ran across a most interesting tome, Last of the Old Bones.  I sat down to read while Dringoth nattered on about wormies.  I will let you discover the book for yourself but somehow I knew Dringoth was connected to the events of the book.


Soon enough I was faced with appeasing the other angry spirits of the disturbed dead who blamed Dringoth for the invasion of the wormies and their current predicament.  I had to chose between appeasing the angry dead or trying to find a peaceful resolution that would make all of the dead rest in relative peace.  Deciding to help Dringoth instead of appeasing the others, together we solved the problem and allowed all of the dead to rest in peace.

My adventure with Dringoth didn’t cure my cold but it made me forgot about it for a little while and really what more could you want?  Of course that was before I ate a live frog and had a conversation with an ancient tree!  Just another exciting day serving the Eight on Nirn.



Benedicta Enters Stormhold

15 Frost Fall 2E583


Stormhold  is beautiful and mysterious.  Argonians patrolling the city which is built amongst the Ayleid ruins in the Black Marsh.  The air is heavy with humidity and rain showers are frequent.  The city is still slowly revealing herself one resident and story at a time.

This morning I stopped in at the Mage’s Guild and spoke to Valaste about the next book on our hunt.  The Mage’s and Fighter’s Guilds are sharing space in an Ayleid ruin.  There is tension between the two guilds which is obvious immediately upon entering the door for the Mage’s Guild.  Tension aside, I found Valaste frustrated by the deciphered book I last recovered from Sheogorath.  And before I knew it, I was once again involved in another Sheogorath scheme.


This time the mad god had me chasing and killing projections of  all three alliance members.  It was far from an entertaining Circus of Cheerful Slaughter.  Sheogorath of course had fun, he enjoyed watching me killing his projections. 

I successfully passed the mad god’s test and retrieved the book to return to Valaste.  I know another test from Sheogorath awaits me in the future but for today I plan to relax with a mug of ale and listen to the bards sing their tales before embarking on my next adventure on the morrow.

Benedicta Reflects on Deshaan Adventuring

7 Frost Fall 2E583


My time in Deshaan has been rewarding thus far.  I made it to Mournhold yesterday and am pleasantly surprised with the city despite its ominous name.  So far, the town is not a reflection of the strife outside the city limits but rather is beautiful and reflective in unexpected ways.  But first let me recap my misadventures in Deshaan so far.

I’ve delivered a familial letter only to learn that the residents in the area are all trying to reach the Maulborn to be saved from the Llodos Plague which is threatening the region.  I’ve saved Narsis from it’s insane leader that was willing to use the citizens as test subjects to spread the plague, I’ve helped stopped an invading Daggerfall Covenant Orc mercenary army, and rescued a monastery of healing monks.


I know I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the wonders this region contains.  Yesterday I helped a Naked Nord reunite with his beloved axe and his wife and today I have an appointment with Almalexia at the Tribunal Temple. 

Mournhold is where the Tribunal Temple is located and thus a place of great reverence and worship for the Dunmer.  For the most part, they believe in the Tribunal as a people and that Almalexia, Vivec, and Sotha Sil.  I don’t worship the Tribunal nor do I truly believe that any man or mer willing to use the Heart of Lorkhan for their own designs, however benevolent they appear to be, has the best interests of man and mer in mind.  However, I will honor the request and present myself to Almalexia today. 

Wherein Benedicta Admits She Is Tired of Gray Skies & Ash

3 Frost Fall 2E583


When I awoke in Cold Harbor and escaped with the help of The Prophet I expected I would land in my beloved homeland of Auridon.  Imagine my surprise then when I awoke in Skyrim surrounded by The Ebonheart Pact, sworn enemy to Queen Ayrenn and the Aldmeri Dominion.  I was expecting to be slaughtered on sight simply for being an Altmer in the land of the Nords.  Instead, I was greeted with warmth and acceptance by Nord, Dunmer, and Argonian alike.  I soon made friends in the cold wilds of Skyrim and decided to explore the world with my new found friends of the Pact.

Soon enough, I found myself in Morrowind and the Velothi Mountains with active volcanoes, lava flows, and the ever present ash falling from the sky.  Gone were the towering pines of Skyrim or the lovely trees of Auridon, rather the landscape is dotted with massive mushrooms.  While beautiful in their own right, giant mushrooms cannot replace the smell of pine trees or the shade of the trees in Auridon.  I am tired of smelling fire and ash, tired of cleaning it out of my armor every chance I get, and most of all, I exhausted by feeling perpetually dirty and sooty.

I’ve been wandering around the Ashlands, as this part of Morrowind is known (for obvious reasons), helping those I run across and aiding The Prophet.  I’ve been intrigued by the Dunmer people.  Town Dunmer is a rigid society divided into great Houses with complicated politics and tribal Dunmer shun their town relatives as much as they are shunned by the great Houses themselves.  Dunmer are quick to judge, slow to forgive, and extremely reluctant to let outsiders in, even when offering assistance. 


The majority of the Ashlands is similar to my sketch above.  Bleak, sooty, and muted with splashes of vibrant red and orange lava flowing.  I’ve gone into the past while helping a mage to discover how the Brothers of Strife came to be the guardians of the Chimer in the war against the Nedes.  I’ve defeated both Brothers of Strife when they were unleashed by House Dres when the Daggerfall Covenant invaded.


But now?  Now, this Altmer has had enough of ash and dust.  I need clean air and clear skies.  I need trees that have leaves or needles.  I need to feel clean when stepping outside.  I head for the Deshaan and offer prayers to Mara and Dibella that I will find what I seek and an equally friendly reception.

Crosswych and the Conundrum of an Adventuring Life

1 Frost Fall 2E583


This One paused recently to reflect on the conundrum that is the life of an adventurer in Tamriel these days.  This One is searching to recover her stolen soul but along the way I’m running into people and communities that are under constant threat from bandits, the evil intents of men and mer alike, and Deadric influences showing their tendrils everywhere. 

I’ve spent days helping every town and citizen I’ve come across along the way.  This One is exhausted and confused, has the quest to retrieve my soul from a Deadric prince turned me into the hand of violent justice of the Eight Divines?  Are my bow and staff only to be used for the eradication of evil in pursuit of justice?

This One went to Crosswych this morning only to discover the town overrun with Red Rook Bandits and the citizens cowering in fear, unable or unwilling to stand up to the bandits.  This One helped the town but grew weary with the ever increasing body count.  This One has returned to Daggerfall and has taken momentary refuge in the town chapel. 

This One has heard from the Prophet again and knows that the next step in discovering and retrieving This One’s soul is close at hand.  Tomorrow will be soon enough for that meeting, today This One shall offer prayers to S’rendarr for mercy for the dead and the living.

Leonardaa Briefly Introduces Herself


25 Hearthfire 2E583

This One has been tasked with writing a journal entry about her adventures in the area surrounding Daggerfall after saving King Casimir from an assassination plot.  This One is not comfortable talking about her exploits but the King was insistent that it would help unify the strength and solidarity of the Daggerfall Covenant if an “outsider” told of her successful adventures through the lands controlled by the Covenant.  This One agreed only reluctantly because the King made sense when he said that any alliance formed was more about the Ones of the alliance than any main races the alliance was compromised of on whole.

Yesterday, This One (named Leonardaa by my family and called Leo by this one’s family) explored Ilessan Tower.  The Tower is just on the outskirts of Daggerfall and was infested by Red Rook Bandits.  This One feared the bandits were plotting and planning terrible things and so This One determined to delve onward and dispatch the bandits before any harm could befall the valiant citizens of Daggerfall.

Screenshot_20140924_092101  This One was not deterred when discovering the remains of an unlucky former bandit or adventurer.  No, This One offered a quick prayer to Arkay for the unlucky soul and moved on, determined to find those that still breathed and end their scheming. 

This One quickly dispatched the bandits infesting the tower with a couple of spells and my trusty bow.  This One was pleased and disappointed when one of the bandits so generously donated his broadsword that seemed to hit harder than my trusty bow.  This One will make do until she discovers or crafts another bow nearly as trusty as the one she wielded since cub-hood.

This One shall continue her adventures in and around Daggerfall.  This One has run into the Wyrd Sisters and wants to learn more about these witches that commune with trees.  This One does not understand the magic these Sisters use but shall endeavor to figure it out in the coming days.

Out of Character Blog Posting

When The Elder Scrolls released in April of this year it was my “perfect” game.  It was an expansive Elder Scrolls game with plenty of crafting, exploring, and questing to old my attention.  Time and self-brought about pressure to maintain this role playing blog quickly led to disillusion and burn-out.  I freely admit, I (and my husband) canceled before the first monthly subscription payment was due.  There were too many little things bugging me, the pressure to churn out interesting role playing  blog posts, and the lure of the “new” game was all too much.

I’ve missed Elder Scrolls however very much lately.  Sunday, I subbed once again and I’ve been enjoying myself immensely.  I’ve been reacquainting myself with my characters and the choices I made early on for each of them.  I’ve also come to a decision about this blog.  I’m still going to write character pieces but they will be varied stories from my stable of characters and not just one character exclusively.  It takes the pressure off me to strictly play on character and gives me far more creative freedom.

I look forward to roaming Tamriel and sharing the exploits of my characters.  I hope you will join me.